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67 Best Restaurants
Our Best Restaurants – Fine Dining: The place for special occasions.

#1. Charleston
There’s one thing we can pretty much guarantee about a meal at Charleston: You won’t be bringing home leftovers. It’s not just the carefully calibrated portions of chef Cindy Wolf’s exacting plates. It’s the way a nibble of, say, a sweet scallop seduces you to another bite with its swirl of porcini mushroom sauce and a sprinkling of English peas, or the way slivers of pan-roasted veal tenderloin and lobster medallions dissolve in your mouth, perfectly married to their vermouth-infused chicken-and-veal stock reduction. The two or three elements in each dish are chosen with such care that you’re inclined to try them separately, then together, and one again, to savor each texture and taste. You’ll jealously guard your plate against predatory forks, relenting only when your dining partner is willing to offer up a morsel in trade. Wolf’s reputation extends beyond Baltimore, and her cooking-which has been described as “low country”-elevates locally sourced foodstuffs to heights of grandeur.